Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Easter - Here's the sign for EGGS!

Going on an Easter egg hunt? Easter egg hunts are a great activity for practicing prepositions and describing locations. And using signs for prepositions can really help young children follow directions.

Hide the eggs and then have your child bring the eggs to you and tell you where they found it. Write it down on a list e.g. Purple egg - under the table. Then read it back to them pointing to the words as you read them. You can tell them you are making the list to make sure that all the eggs get found! If your child is having trouble describing locations and using prepositions, make sure you watch where they find the egg, and then give them cues such as, "Was it under the table or in the cup?"

Below are some signs you can use with your baby or child. Remember to just choose one or two to really emphasize and teach for babies and younger children.

Have fun and happy Easter!